How do I register?

If you have a vehicle in which a NordPanel GSM KIT has already been installed, you can proceed with the purchase of the NordPanel service.

Stage 1

Register on NordPanel

If it’s the first time you are logging on to NordPanel, register by entering your personal information and whether you are an individual, a company with just one vehicle or a hire firm with many vehicles.


Register your vehicle

Log on to NordPanel with your login credentials you have just been given and then register your vehicle or your vehicles one at a time.
Keep the IMEI code to hand, which is to be found on the GSM modem installed onboard the vehicle. (The IMEI code can also be found on the Control Panel in the Info section with the local point-to-point connection). Refer to the section “How to monitor the vehicle in the vicinity without using the Internet”.
Once you have entered the information regarding your vehicle, you will always find a PIN in the Info section with the local point-to-point connection; enter this PIN on the NordPanel portal to complete registration.

Stage 3

Purchase the service

Once you have registered the vehicle you can proceed with purchasing the service for that vehicle or for more than one vehicle in the company fleet.
You can choose the coverage area of the service from among those available as well as the duration of activation: 3, 6, 12 months. It will also be possible to choose the month when the service will be activated. You may pay for the service by credit card, Pay Pal circuit.

Stage 4

Log in to the service

You are now ready to log onto the service with your mobile device, by entering your login credentials. You can manage and monitor your vehicle through the NordPanel control panel.