NordPanel is a service that allows you to have the functions of your vehicles under control.

For the management and remote monitoring of your fleet of vehicles.

NordPanel is a service that allows you to have an additional control panel for your vehicle on your smartphone, tablet or computer.
There is no extra cost for the service when it is used in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle with the local point-to-point connection (normally within 30 metres in open space).

For greater distances the NordPanel GSM Kit service must be activated so as to enable the GSM connection of the Kit.
This results in the NordPanel service being reachable from any device (smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer) that has its own Internet connection (not included in the NordPanel GSM Kit).

In both cases the service can be used through any of the most common web browsers.
The remote control functions for the various pieces of equipment depend on communication compatibility with the standards supported by the NordPanel Kit.

For remote management and monitoring of your available vehicles; geolocation (**) indicates you directly on the map all the reached positions by your vehicle. 

For the management and remote monitoring of your fleet of vehicles: the geolocalization (**) shows you directly on the map where the vehicle is.
The NordPanel system is available through a web platform, constantly in contact with the NordPanel GSM kit installed in your vehicles (***).
It takes just a few minutes to install the kit, after which the NordPanel GSM service can be activated in no time at all.
The cost is calculated on a monthly basis and the basic package already includes operation in a large number of European countries.
With NordPanel you will have remote control over the main functions of your vehicle: the heating system, the electrics, tank levels and even the battery charge status. (*).
For vehicle hire firms, the GPS locator function lets you know in real time the position of your vehicles for best management of your vehicle fleet and enabling you to provide prompt customer support.

It is necessary that the installed systems are compatible with the communication standards supported by the NordPanel GSM Kit.

 It is necessary to activate the GPS function on your own NordPanel GSM kit before you can use this service; there is no extra cost for this function.

The service could be temporarily and locally unavailable in an area with no GSM coverage. Operation depends on the NordPanel GSM Kit being within the coverage area of at least one GSM network.