NordPanel is a service that allows you to have all the functions of your device under control via web.
How it works


Main Functions


The system supports different communication protocols adapting to various applications and subsystems.

Heating systems

The main parameters of some heating and air-conditioning systems can be remote controlled.

Level control

If water tanks are available they can be displayed by levels or percentages. With the special sensor also the weight of the gas will be conveniently available.


Knowing the basic values of a system or a device means you can assess the overall state of efficiency and therefore schedule maintenance more effectively and economically.

Monitoring of electrical systems

The main electrical parameters are always available with the possibility of remote control.

GPS position

Geolocalization enhances the quality of the remote control, especially for hire activities.

Battery control

Modern batteries with dedicated BMS or Modern battery sensors provide information about battery charge and efficiency through dedicated protocols.

Battery charger

The best Battery chargers provide information about the battery charge and, if required, also about the discharge.

Free for the first 2 months!

"If you are activating the service for the first time, you will be given the first 2 months free! It's simple! Register yourself, register your vehicle and choose the area where you want to activate the service, the first 60 days of the service will be free!*"

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* Only valid for the first activation of your new GSM kit